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Map My Mind is one of the only games that manages to achieve a good balance between a pure trivia and a board game. Each game board is unique in layout as well as in the genre of its questions allowing us to provide you with an exciting gaming experience everytime you access a new map!

Map My Mind puts your mind to the test with a multitude of themed maps covering many different genres and categories. In order to complete a map you will be required to show your knowledge of the trivia category by exploring the relationships between nodes and successfully solve questions. Answer questions correctly to progress through the game board and ultimately complete the maps to establish yourself as the true king of sports, movies, history or any other trivia genre that you can imagine.

Map My Mind will launch with around 2000 questions and 20 unique maps, but it will not stop at that! We will be regularly upgrading old maps, as well as creating new maps for you to enjoy and download online through the apple store.

Map My Mind offers two single player modes, Map and Trivia, as well as online leader boards which allow you to measure how much you know about a given subject and compare yourself against others in your region, country or even around the world.

Map My Mind is one of the most innovative and playable trivia puzzle games to hit the iPhone to date. Its original gameplay and huge number of questions will be a true challenge for anyone to overcome!